AMLA is a vessel sharing initiative designed to maximise efficiency and reduce marine logistics costs through the sharing of vessels wherever possible.


AMLA facilitates vessel sharing arrangements between member operators through an established sharing policy that enables vessels to visit multiple operators’ installations. This agreement includes a charge-back mechanism intended to ensure an impartial and transparent arrangement for use by all AMLA members.

Leading international energy logistics provider Peterson, acts as facilitator and is responsible for identifying sharing opportunities based on sailing information provided by AMLA members.


If you think you could benefit from being part of this vessel sharing initiative and would like to find out more please contact a member of the team.

Why Sharing?


Vessel sharing is a simple and effective way to substantially reduce operational expenditure. Through AMLA, members can increase revenue by shipping another operator’s cargo, or reduce overall chartering costs by taking space on a fellow member’s vessel. The more you share, the more you save.

Within AMLA, the active members charter 20+ vessels, allowing chartering and non-chartering members greater flexibility of sailings. If you want to know if another member is sailing in your direction, AMLA is the place to find out.


What were the results?

What we do?


We are continuously seeking vessel sharing opportunities, in order to optimise deck space and vessel utilisation for our members. All AMLA members are signed up to an agreement allowing them to share vessels and deck space with each other.

AMLA gives you the best potential sharing partners through a new web based platform. Members will provide each other with details about who is going where and when and all the necessary information in order to create the share.

How we do it?


If you are in need of a vessel, or you seek cargo to better utilise your available deck space better, give us a call. We are currently working on a new platform, which allows you to see all the required information for realising a share. This way you are up to date at all times.

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AMLA Duty Contact: | M + 44 7795 840505

Jekaterina | Marine Collaboration Manager | T +44 1224 288119 | M +44 7408 813131



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